Cell Tower DIY Kits

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Each kit contains:
  • One large triangle frame (3.5" wide)
  • One small triangle frame (2.5" wide)
  • 27 cell amplifier pieces - enough to fill all sides of both triangles
  • 5 templates for gluing amplifiers to triangle frames
  • Screen mesh for walkway tread material
  • Triangle frames have hole cut out for 1/2" dowel
  • Click here for a photo tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions, on how to build this kit.
  • Dowel for tower not included
  • Made to order
$12.95 ea.


Top photos show assembled and painted kit mounted onto painted 1/2" dowel tower.

The kits are laser-cut from 1/16" black sheet acrylic. Both triangles have a hole cut out, so you can slide these over a 1/2" diameter dowel. These 1/2" diameter wooden dowels are available at Home Depot, Lowe's etc. and are inexpensive. Find one that is nice and straight!

Just paint and assemble, and you have a nice modern enhancement for your layout. Put on top of buildings, or as a separate tall tower.

First cut the screen mesh to size using a hobby knife or scissors. Glue the mesh over each triangle frame. Then glue the cell amplifiers to the sides of the triangle frames.

The included templates make gluing the cell amplifiers to the sides of the triangular frames very easy. Just choose how many you want on each side, and select the proper template. Place the cell amplifier pieces into the template cut-outs face-down. Place a small drop of adhesive in the center of each amplifier. Be sure not to get any adhesive on the template.

Then place one side of the triangle frame right on top of the row of amplifiers. Ensure that the triangle frame side is centered and touching all the adhesive locations. Also be sure the triangle frame is standing straight up (perpendicular to the table). You can prop it up using a small block of wood or other object. Allow the adhesive to cure, and then gently pull the triangle frame up and out of the template; the cell amplifiers are now attached. Move on to the next triangle side frame.

The templates enable you to easily glue the amplifiers on in an evenly-spaced and perpendicular arrangement.

Click here for a complete tutorial, complete with step-by-step instructions and photos, on how to construct this kit.