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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?

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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
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DZ-2001A my way
great northern
Joined: Oct 10, 2011
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posted Oct 11, 2011: 

good evening all today was work on layout day! I recently added a switch from the outer mainline to connect my passenger terminal and had bought a DZ-2500 and a DZ-2001A so decided to install ya a newbie for sure took 6hrs to get it to work!

I finally figured out how to get the switch machine into tmcc program mode I kept seeing the green light blink and released it ha so in anger I held it till it fast blinked like crazy after that it went well.

I had talked to folks at Z-Stuff he informed me I should send back DZ-2001A so he could do a modification so it would work with the legacy command base hmmmm naw have an idea!

so seeing I had the TMCC base unit doing nothing I ran some temp wiring so both the switch machine and DZ-2001A had 10-18 volts of power all is well so hook up blue data wire to white wire on DZ-2001A and then to lug on TMCC command base walla it worked.

so ran permanent wiring for both switch machine and driver board hooked all up switch motor trying to change from straight to curve hmmm what now, so checked all wiring finally verified red was hot white was common hooked up power fine that's working now switch machine changes nicely but alas when I hookup the data wire the red led on driver board comes on hmmm.

so realized I cannot use power source that powers my BPC's I cannot explain it but once I used a separate power pack all was fine and that corrected the led from being being lit but cannot get remote to change switch from straight to curved route, long story short my luck the wire I used to connect blue data wire to command base had a break in it somewhere!

so I was wondering if this setup will cause any interference with the Legacy command base I ran some trains made the switch machine work and so far no troubles.

so I know some folks here that are way better in electronics than I am so can you tell me if you see any problems using booth command bases at same time?

and no only the Legacy command base has the one wire to the outer rail the TMCC command base only has the data wire from DZ-2001A and the blue wire from DZ-2500 switch machine hooked to TMCC command base the TMCC command base is not connected in any way to the legacy command base.

thanks for any clarity on this----- great northern

p.s. if I posted in wrong area please tell me not wanting to hijack anyone's thread
Joined: Feb 5, 2014
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posted Feb 5, 2014: 

I have built an 8 x 12 layout, using GarGrave track and switches with DZ-2500. I have the DZ=2001 hooke up to my base controller. I am using TMCC. I am having issues getting switches to program. You state that white is common. I have hooked up black to common, red to accessory power, hot, blue to my data wire loop, and green and yellow to insulated track sections for derailing. Some switches give a red and green light on the button controller.

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