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by member Richard E

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posted on Aug 10, 2016:

Finally getting to the posting on this great archive. I have been following for a couple of years and have learned so much.
Thank you all archive members.

I am in process of building my small switching layout, posting first picture of the yard office.
Just Getting Started
Topics: 57   Replies: 55
posted on Aug 8, 2016:

This blog will deal with old and occasionally junk-worthy freight and passenger cars that have been rebuilt, some even becoming model contest winners. Since most were built from old kits, they are fairly
easy to 're-kit' and be provided with some new details and materials in their transformation.
Here are before and after photos of a 'junker' Kasiner observation car found on eBay for $10. It was originally built from a 1948 kit and rebuilt with full interior detail in 2006 as B&O's 'Genesee River'.
The Kasiner car, as delivered.

Before and After
Richard E
Topics: 61   Replies: 25
posted on Aug 1, 2016:

Old couple waiting at the Railroad St crossing for a B&O freight in their old Ford before picking up some groceries
Waiting at the Railroad St crossing in th...
Topics: 57   Replies: 55
posted on Aug 1, 2016:

Car 23 eases to a stop on Shore Road at Edgewater, as two people wait to board. It's 1950 when color film for taking photos was becoming popular, but still fairly expensive.
A 1950 Snapshot
Richard E
Topics: 61   Replies: 25
posted on Jul 30, 2016:

A delivery of gasoline on its way to a nearby Hess dealer

The truck is a custom panted with custom decals Ertl 1948 Diamond T tanker
Gasoline Delivery
Topics: 57   Replies: 55
posted on Jul 18, 2016:

A B&O FM switcher lays over at the Edgewater Engine House. In the yard stand cars received the night before, including a 250 ton four-truck D&H flat car with a GE stator from Schenectady NY. Some cabooses are lined up and ready for Monday's business on the Baltimore & New York Rwy.
Sunday Afternoon at Edgewater Yard
Richard E
Topics: 61   Replies: 25
posted on Jun 5, 2016:

The brakeman is standing on the front platform as a Rutland RS-3 is doing the switching duties at Garfield Junction.
Rutland RS-3

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