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"East bound perishable freight"
by member Balto&NY

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Richard E
Topics: 58   Replies: 23
posted on Apr 7, 2016:

Two teen aged boys exploring an abandon narrow gauge industrial locomotive.
Abandon Industrial Locomotive.
Topics: 53   Replies: 43
posted on Mar 29, 2016:

Refrigerator cars carried a wide variety of perishable foods ranging from bananas to meat and just about everything in between. Time was important for quick delivery. Often, refrigerator cars destined for a specific seasonal market were blocked together in a train. Here is a late 1940s scene of such a train, making its way over the Baltimore & New York high line to Edgewater Yard.
East bound perishable freight
Topics: 45   Replies: 45
posted on Mar 9, 2016:

This is for a gentleman with a large basement layout, the two stilted arches are about 12" each, it weighs less than a few pounds with the wood deck. Otherwise, it is made almost entirely of pink building foam, with a little cement board.
It stands about 18" high, 11" deep, and 36 " wide, and is extremely strong. He runs some large locomotives, mostly Union Pacific Gas Turbines, Big Boys, Challengers, DDA40's and the like.
In this photo, I am just finishing up the deck and railings, and have yet to finish the arch barrels.

It is now done, and will be going on his layout soon. It was colored to similarly match his rocky terrain, using yellow ochre, raw sienna, and a few others.

I make most of my bridges so that they simply drop in place, as this one does, shimming the bottom piers and abutments as needed. The deck that extends beyond each end is so he can attach it firmly to his sub-roadbed.
I would provide a photo of it installed, but he would rather not have photos of his layout posted to the public, which I fully understand. The bridge looks good though, big as it is, but it's actually dwarfed by his huge floor to ceiling layout with plaster and wire mesh mountains, and a curved trestle longer than most mid-sized automobiles.
Double track O gauge large 2 arch bridge
Richard E
Topics: 58   Replies: 23
posted on Feb 24, 2016:

The Lincoln Park Roundhouse and fuel racks
Lincoln Park Roundhouse
Topics: 53   Replies: 43
posted on Feb 18, 2016:

A B&O FM switcher leads a transfer run on the Baltimore & New York Ry. Transfer moves ran between nearby yards of different railroads for efficient interchange. Once these cars are delivered, another cut of cars would be ready for the FM switcher on its return to B&NY's Edgewater Yard.

Transfer Run
Topics: 53   Replies: 43
posted on Feb 12, 2016:

Set out Pullmans St. Angele and Amsterdam at Edgewater, waiting for a later train taking them west. This was done at some stations so passengers could board their car earlier. It would be added to a train later that night. The second Pullman here is for a charter group. Sleepers were sometimes dropped off at night, with passengers staying aboard until morning.

Set out at Edgewater
Topics: 53   Replies: 43
posted on Jan 24, 2016:

A Birney 'safety car' makes a stop in late afternoon on old Shore Road. Pullmans in B&O's "Chicago Night Express" rumble overhead on their way west. Street traffic is heavy too, beside the Edgewater Shops of the Baltimore & New York Railway.
Car Stop on Shore Road

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