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Richard E
Topics: 41   Replies: 14
posted on Apr 22, 2014:

There is a wreck on the Shawmut. After the Pittsburgh Flyer passes Kessler Jct. the Shawmut crew will use BR&P tracks to detour around it.
Shawmut Detour on the BR&P
Topics: 10   Replies: 41
posted on Apr 17, 2014:

Here is my Machine Shop for Chama Yard. Still needs lot's of 'junk'! Russ

My Machine Shop for Chama Yard ON30
Matthew B
Topics: 2   Replies: 6
posted on Apr 16, 2014:

Finally completed the four bridges on the lower levels. This is a 8' X 5' display with 6 levels, 6 tunnels and 6 bridges. (I think there's a name for the display coming to mind.)
I wanted a design that would be least obstructive to the rear of the display so we could see the trains as they pass across the bridges at the back.

Four new Bridges
Bill Sherry
Topics: 4   Replies: 10
posted on Apr 10, 2014:

A gift from my wife at Christmas and the kids gave me the add-on entry/exit platform. Got it in kit form and it was easy to assemble and paint. I'm going to add an LED sign on the front spelling out the name - BIG DIPPER. The restraining bars do raise and lower in each car but do not lock in place. I placed a figure in the first car and he took a spill after the first dip. Fatal. I guess I will have to glue the people in. Great addition to my growing park. You can see construction has begun on the Monorail system in the background as I won't be able to access it later as rides will block it.

Coaster Dynamix Out and Back Wooden Rolle...
Topics: 29   Replies: 12
posted on Apr 5, 2014:

We were watching the movie - Fried Green Tomatoes - and my wife said "you need that Whistle Stop Cafe on your railroad".

Here is a photo from the movie of the cafe.

This is a photo of how the building looks today.
About the only difference is it no longer has the white siding around the base of the brick porch pillars.

Starting with the base cut from 1/4 inch OSB.
The side walls are cut from 1/8 inch paneling and glued to the base.

Strip wood is glued to the sides of the roof to hide the rough edge of the paneling.
The front porch is cut from OSB and strip wood is also glued to the sides to give it a smooth finish.

The porch top of the porch is covered with a piece of 1/16 thick balsa wood that is scribed to make it look like boards.
The porch roof is built and mounted on the building.
The porch support columns are carved out of a piece of wood and one of them is shown mounted in place here.

Here is the finished model of the building.

Whistle Stop Cafe in O-scale
Richard E
Topics: 41   Replies: 14
posted on Apr 1, 2014:

Passengers are waiting for the afternoon train to Garfield.
Afternoon at St Paul depot
Richard E
Topics: 41   Replies: 14
posted on Mar 30, 2014:

An eastbound freight has slowed to pickup train orders at St. Paul while a westbound coal drag waits in the siding
Meet at St. Paul

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