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"Urban scene "
by member Richard E

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posted on Nov 27, 2015:

Okay .... we have moved to southern Indiana and are currently renting a house while we are building our new house.

So I still have days when it's raining or it's just to cold out to work on the property and I never have been one to sit and watch TV much.

The rental house has two bedrooms and we have set the computers up against one wall.
Against the opposite wall, I set up a folding table and made a couple of storage shelves out of some old closet doors so I can still play with my trains.

I actually started this little project about two months ago and hadn't taken any photos back then.
Now that the weather is turning colder, I'm spending a little more time on it.
This is another different type of engine made from cutting the parts from the plastic AHM 0-8-0 locomotive kit that was available back in the 70's.

I like locomotives at the opposite ends of the size range.
The big long articulated steam locomotives appeal to me and the little 0-4-0 switch engines appeal to me.
I'm not so much interested in the locomotives that are in-between those two sizes.

For this one, I took the AHM 0-8-0 chassis ( on the left ) and cut it down to a 0-4-0 chassis.

Now the boiler from the 0-8-0 locomotive ( on the left ) is too large for the switch engine so I only used the cab and part of the fire box under the cab,
The floor of the cab is made out of diamond plate patterned styrene sheet and front of the cab is made out of smooth styreen sheet.

The boiler is a section of 1-1/2" diameter PVC sink drain pipe and the larger diameter in front of the cab is PVC pipe coupler.

These two pieces were glued together and the taper into the larger diameter was turned on the lathe.
The banding straps are .100 wide styrene strips wrapped around the boiler.

The front section of running boards were cut off the AHM kit ( on the left ) and glued to the boiler on the switch engine.

The steam cylinders on the 0-8-0 locomotive have three cylinders ( on the left ).
The switch engine uses only two steam cylinder so I trimmed the center cylinder off and smoothed the steam cylinders down.

Put these parts together and it looks like this so far.

O-scale 0-4-0 switcher
Richard E
Topics: 54   Replies: 22
posted on Nov 16, 2015:

The Milwaukee Road Hiawatha departing Garfield depot into the morning mist.
Morning Hiawatha.
Topics: 43   Replies: 45
posted on Nov 12, 2015:

This is a display bridge that will be taken to local train shows in my home state of Michigan.
I like to paint my displays two different ways.
Since you can't see both sides at the same time, unless you have a mirror, they can do double duty as displays, showing different colors of the stonework.
Same bridge, 2 different looks:

and now the other:

This bridge was made 5 1/2" in height to accomodate those who use the standard Lionel/MTH supports for their upper levels. One can simply substitute this bridge in place of a straight section of trestle bents or other supports. The under arches offer 4 5/8" clearance below, and the bridge is 5" deep, and 24" long.

Please closer photos, please go to my other website, at www.archbridgeman.com/
Same bridge, 2 different paint jobs
Topics: 47   Replies: 41
posted on Nov 5, 2015:

A rebuilt old Walthers kit built observation from the early 1940s models the private car of Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg as it appeared in a photo taken while on a siding at Monterey CA in 1955.
Included are models of their two cars, a 1955 Rolls Silver Cloud and a Jaguar XK-140. Both have been repainted and detailed to match the prototypes' appearance.
The Virgnia City at Monterey,1955
Topics: 47   Replies: 41
posted on Nov 5, 2015:

This model of the private car of L. Beebe and C. Clegg was rebuilt from a 'junk' Walthers observation kit built back in the early 1940s. The setting is modeled after a photo of the prototype taken in 1955, along with their Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 'saloon' (British for sedan) and Jaguar XK-140 in their correct colors.
The Virgnia City at Monterey,1955
Stu Gralnik
Topics: 10   Replies: 18
posted on Nov 2, 2015:

CSX Queensgate Yard
Richard E
Topics: 54   Replies: 22
posted on Sep 27, 2015:

City of Garfield's shopping district
Urban scene

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