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Richard E
Topics: 53   Replies: 22
posted on Sep 27, 2015:

City of Garfield's shopping district
Urban scene
Topics: 42   Replies: 45
posted on Sep 21, 2015:

http://www.archbridgeman.com, or click on the "My Website" link on the right hand side to go directly there.

This photo by the way, was shot on my recent trip to Bellaire, Ohio. This is a famous bridge, cutting through the south side of town on it's way to West Virginia, over the Ohio River, in eastern Ohio. It appeared in the movie, "Unstoppable", about a runaway train.
Please visit my new website
Topics: 50   Replies: 63
posted on Sep 12, 2015:

Ben Franklin 5-10 Store
Topics: 1   Replies: 0
posted on Sep 6, 2015:

My Tombstone & Southwest Railroad layout needs lots of plant scenery native to the desert. So I'm always on the lookout for ways I can add to it. In my flower garden I noticed that the seed pods from my cornflowers looked a bit like those luxuriant yucca plants you see in desert surroundings, so I set about trying to make some mini yuccas for my layout. As you can see from the image they didn't come out too bad.

This is a picture I used as my model. A real yucca in the desert.

Here's a picture of my yucca made from the seed pod of the cornflower. I painted several in different colors.

In the foreground you can see one of the yuccas I placed along the tracks of my layout

I thought maybe others might like to make some of these yuccas for their scenery, so I put together a little 9-step tutorial on how to make these. They are really easy to make and this is the time of year to collect some of these seed pods for this project. You can check out the tutorial on my blog. Just click the link below.

Tomstone & Southwest Railroad

Quick and Easy Yucca Plants for your dese...
Topics: 50   Replies: 63
posted on Sep 2, 2015:

Silhouettes and Blinds
Topics: 50   Replies: 63
posted on Sep 2, 2015:

Urban Scene
Topics: 50   Replies: 63
posted on Sep 2, 2015:

Coal Delear Bin

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