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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?

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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
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With the one exhaust fan mounted on the roof, I decided to mount the other exhaust fan on the side of the building.
I made a stack out of a wood dowel with a rain cap made out of one of the roof vent kits.

Here is the finished exhaust fan.
The fan on the roof is powered by an electric motor mounted to it.
This fan is powered by driveshaft from a motor inside of the building.

The next project was to build the 3-phase power station that will mount on the back wall of the factory.
The three transformers are turned out of wood.

Then I built the wood platform framework that will hold the transformers.

The transformers are painted and mounted to the wood platform.
The "insulators" are made out of small beads and sequins that I got from a craft shop.

I was going to run the power lines to the insulators on the top crossbar and then down to the transformers.
Then I realized that transformers are protected from a lightening surge by circuit beakers on the incoming power lines.

I made the breakaway tubes out of small wood dowel and drilled a hole thru the center for a wire to go thru.

There are 3-green beads on each wire to represent the insulator that the breakaway tube mounts too.
The breakaway tubes are all threaded on a wire so they could be painted white.

With the finished circuit breakers mounted to the upper cross bar on the platform, the insulators for the power lines
did not set high enough for the incoming lines to clear the breakers.
So I mounted another crossbar on top and put the insulators on it.
The power lines are run from the insulators to the top of the breakers.
Then the lines run from the bottom of the breakers down to the transformers.

Next I made the weather cap and meter box.

This is mounted on the back wall of the factory.

The transformer platform was then mounted on the wall and the power lines were all connected.
There is also a ground wire running down the side of the wall.
Once this factory is placed on a layout, the power lines form the utility pole will connect to the three insulators on the top crossbar.

The transformers are wired according to a wiring diagram that I got off the internet.
I tried to get a closer photo to show the wiring but my old camera doesn't take closeup photos very well.


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