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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
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The Chief in transition
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posted Jan 17, 2013: 

I put together this train after I was inspired by a Howard Fogg painting. The painting is entitled "The Chief" and depicts Santa Fe Northern class locomotive no. 3776 leading a consist of new streamlined cars with one heavyweight as the second car back from the baggage car. Perhaps Fogg was suggesting steam still had a place or was he just drawing the changing times he lived in. Anyhow, here is the Chief with consists similar to the one Fogg painted but with a different Northern in the lead.

And one with a shorter consist and only one heavyweight.

MTH Rail King Santa Fe Northern no. 2927 and the Chief split a pair of Lionmaster Challengers (Union Pacific 3985 and Rio Grande 3800) while Santa Fe Northern no. 2929, the last of the 2900 series Santa Fe Northerns, awaits duty.

Profile shot of MTH Rail King Santa Fe Northern nos. 2929 and 2927 with Lionmaster Union Pacific Challenger 3985 in the background.

MTH Rail King Santa Fe Northerns 2929 (foreground) and 2927.

Rail King Santa Fe Northern no. 2927 is both a great looking and operating locomotive.

Santa Fe Northern nos. 2926 (near the engine house), 2927 and 2929. Union Pacific Challengers 3985 and 3983 and Rio Grande Challenger no. 3800. I am disappointed with Rail King Northern no. 2929. The tender hand rails no longer stand above the tender deck and the new tether seems more difficult to work and operate with than the wire tether it replaced. The paint finish on Northern 2929 seems more realistic than the glossier versions on the prior models and the number board on the nose also looks more realistic - dropping the white border surrounding the number plate. The bell also appears less shiney and looks better than the prior versions. The new tether though is a pain and I have already returned this locomotive to MTH for warranty repair due to the tendency of the tether to drop out and suddenly cause the locomotive to stop operating. The tender deck handrails being lowered to the tender deck is not prototypical and represents a reduction in detail from the prior Rail King models of the Santa Fe Northern.


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